The road

to Audi China

There are many different ways to get started at Audi China, in all areas of the company. Take the next step and apply to Audi. Send your application for advertised positions on our Openings page.

When you have questions contact us via e-mail:

For more information you can interact with us on

Additional details

The more we know about you and your career goals, the faster we can get back to you with feedback about your application. You should have the following qualifications in general:

  • Good academic performance
  • Proof of practical experience
  • International experience
  • Teamwork
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Ability to think and act in an entrepreneurial manner
  • Position-specific requirements

Your application should include:

  • All necessary and relevant documents
  • Cover letter
  • All important personal information
  • All relevant documents, e.g. school and degree certificates, proof of practical experiences, references from previous employers

Applications can only be made for positions advertised.