Good performance – good opportunities Premium personnel development

Systematic, focused, consistent – Highly motivated, committed and well-trained staff is essential for Audi China to make progress and achieve success.

The personnel development from Audi China has one central assignment to make sure this requirement is met: our employees are guided, challenged and encouraged right from the start, so that they can apply their strengths, ideas and skills to full effect. We implement a systematic, focused and consistent concept for the optimum development of all our staff so that this is possible.

Development on and off the job

Guidance, encouragement and challenge always go hand in hand at our company: you take over on-the-job responsibility and you are helped in your learning process by specific off-the-job personnel development measures. When you have performed successfully in a position, you can then move on to other assignments, e.g. in the context of job rotation. One of the features of this is that you take over challenging and demanding new projects early on.

Discovering and encouraging up-and-coming staff

Above-average success has never been the result of average performance.
Your direct superior assesses your achievements in the past year in annual personnel development exercises. He decides your salary development and evaluates your future potential for taking over demanding new assignments and functions. On the basis of this, talks are held with you to define the objectives for the future and to choose personnel development measures. An optimum balance can as a result be found between your performance and your potential – in line with your individual capabilities. At a meeting with your superior, you arrange a customized plan for your deployment and development in the coming appraisal year, including appropriate seminars.

An important principle here:

You influence the direction and speed at which you develop yourself – by your attitude and your performance.

Promotion to the Audi China management

The same is true of promotion to management positions: what is crucial here is that you produce excellent results in various positions and that your qualifications and potential are in line with the Audi management profile. However, the concept of "good performance – good opportunities" also applies here. We give you the chance to gain as much experience as possible with different assignments in various areas of operation, irrespective of whether you – for example – studied engineering or economics.

This procedure can take you into the Audi China management, too – via a process of systematic on - and off-the-job selection that is applied consistently throughout the company.