Job Description

Position: Mechatronic Technician
Department: Audi  Tooling China
Location: Changchun

Job Description:

This position ensures an efficient installation of highly automated assembly and welding equipment for the premium automotive industry. He or she can demonstrate high quality craftmanship for mechanical and electrical installations. 

Mission & Main Tasks :

- He or she can self sufficient install mechanical and electrical assembly and welding equipment according to technical requuirments or instructions.
- Commissioning and optimising the technical installation acording to technical and quality specifications.
- Correcting the equipment according to open issue lists.
- Train customers operating personell for the equipment according to manual insturctions.
- Safety, orderlines and cleanliness is a lived culture.
- Participates team meeting.
- Support of project related duties 

  • Qualifications


  1. Collegue degree
  2. 5-10 Years work experience

     Professional skills:

  1. Proficient with installing large mechanical and electrical equipment for the automotve industry (car body)
  2. Basic robotic programming experience is advantageous

     Personal skills:

  1.  Quality comes first -mindset
  2. Self efficient and reliable personality
  3. Teamworker
  4. Shows attention to details

      Language skills:

    Basic German or English (speaking).