Join FAW-VW Audi Sales Division

FAW-VW Audi Sales Division was established in Changchun in January 2006 as an organization taking charge of the business operations of Audi brand under FAW-VW in Chinese market, including sales of Audi’s localized and imported cars, brand building and public relations, after-sales services for products and management of authorized dealer network.

Audi Sales Division now has many units in place, such as Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales Control, User Services, Services and Technologies, Network Management, HR and IT departments. It comprises six regions – Northeast China (Changchun), North China (Beijing), East China (Shanghai), Zhejiang (Hangzhou), West China (Chengdu) and South China (Guangzhou).

Welcome people with insight to become a member of Audi Sales Division and work with us to build Audi, the most successful luxury car brand in China.

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