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Established by August Horch in 1909 in Zwickau, and trading since 1910 under the Audi name, which was a Latin translation of Horch (in German: ‘Listen!’), the company’s policy was to build cars mainly for the luxury category. Impressive successes in the International Austrian Alpine Rallies from 1912 to 1914 had long since confirmed the high performance and elite character of the brand.

  • 前座椅
  • Audi Type A

    Audi Type A 10 / 22 hp Sport-Phaeton, 2.6 l four-cylinder engine, 1910; the first Audi car, designed by August Horch jointly with Hermann Lange.

  • 奥迪K型
  • Audi Type K

    Audi Type K 14/50 hp 3.5 l open tourer (phaeton), four-cylinder engine, 1921; the first left-hand drive production car in Germany.

  • 奥迪UW型
  • Audi Type UW

    Audi Type UW "Front"; 2 l four-cylinder engine, 40 hp, box-section backbone frame, swing-axle suspensionSuspensionSee 4-link front suspension, 4-link rear suspension, dynamic suspension, stabilizer bar, and trapezoidal-link rear suspension.Suspension front and rear, front-wheel drive, 1933.

  • 奥迪C型
  • Audi Type C

    Audi Type C 14/ 35 hp "Alpine Victor" saloon, 3.5 l four-cylinder engine, 1913, named for a notable Audi motorsport success.
  • 奥迪R型
  • Audi Type R

    Audi Type R 19/ 100 hp "Imperator" pullman limousine, 4.9 l eight-cylinder engine, 1927; the first Audi model with an eight-cylinder engine.
  • 奥迪920型
  • Audi Type 920

    Audi Type 920 saloon, 3.2 l six-cylinder engine, 75 hp, rear-wheel drive.