Audi HistoryMotorsport Highlights

Participation in motorsport was one of the most important success factors for all four brands. Horch’s victory in the Herkomer Run of 1906, Audi had a series of wins in the 1912, 1913 and 1914 Austrian Alpine Rallies etc. – all these triumphs added to the brands’ reputations. In addition, the experience gained in motorsport has, even in recent years, helped Audi to stay ahead of the field in terms of advanced technical design.

  • 内部设计
  • Automobile Sport in 20s/30s

    Audi cars, which had been built in Zwickau since 1910, were regarded from the start as technically avant-garde midsize models.

  • 豪华和娱乐装备
  • Grand Prix Racing in 30s

    Auto Union racing cars went to the starting line for the first time on Berlin’s Avus track in 1934.

  • 安全
  • NSU Prinz

    The NSU Prinz took first place in no fewer than 29 races.

  • 安全
  • Audi quattro® Rally

    The Audi quattro®quattro®Vorsprung durch Technik: quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles.quattro® – a symbol of motorsport in the 1980s.