Motorsport HighlightsAudi quattro® Rally

In the first half of the 1980s the Audi quattro® was the yardstick by which all other rally cars were judged. Victories for Hannu Mikkola in Finland and Great Britain and for Stig Blomqvist in Sweden and Italy brought Audi the toughly contested Manufacturers’ World Rally Championship. In 1983, Hannu Mikkola won the events in Sweden, Portugal, Argentina and Finland and achieved his ambition of becoming World Rally Champion.

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  • Monte Carlo

    Audi’s 1-2-3 victory in the Monte Carlo Rally (1984): the winning driver/navigator team was Röhrl/Geistdörfer, followed by Blomqvist/Cederberg and Mikkola/Hertz.
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  • San Remo Rally

    Only flying is more fun: the 1981 San Remo Rally was won by the Audi team of Mouton/Pons, with Mikkola/Hertz in fourth place.
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  • Audi's Ladies' Team

    Audi's successful ladies' team: Michèle Mouton from France with her Italian navigator Fabrizia Pons (1981).
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  • The Africa Rally

    The Africa Rally (1984): The Audi team consisting of Blomqvist and Cederberg won this event in the Ivory Coast.
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  • The Swedish Rally

    By winning the Swedish Rally in 1981, Hannu Mikkola gained Audi its first success in a World Championship event.
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  • Audi Group S

    In 1985 a special rally car was built with a lattice-tube frame, a plastic body and a four-valve turbocharged mid-engine.