Motorsport HighlightsDKW Motorcycle Racing

DKW began to enter for road races in 1921. In 1925 a small racing department headed by chief designer Hermann Weber was set up. Up to 100 people worked in it, mainly on design, parts manufacture, assembly and testing tasks, and of course participation in the actual races. In addition, the department produced the small batches of racing bikes sold to private entrants, and from 1937 the DKW motorcycles for off-road events.

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  • DKW UL 500 1934

    DKW UL 500, 1934; behind it Racing Manager Prüsing and rider Ley can be seen.
  • 大灯
  • DKW UL 500 1935

    An experimental UL 500 with a horizontal cylinder block and a pressed-steel frame was entered for events in 1935.
  • 车轮/轮胎
  • Toni Bauhofer

    Star motorcycle racers such as Toni Bauhofer rode for the DKW works team.
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  • Ewald Kluge

    Ewald Kluge’s most impressive victory was in the 1938 Tourist Trophy race.
  • 排气尾管
  • Motor Shows

    DKW racing motorcycles never failed to draw the public at motor shows.
  • 经典跑车线条
  • Super Sport 350

    The Super Sport 350 went on sale to private entrants shortly before the outbreak of war.