Motorsport HighlightsAutomobile Sport in 20s/30s

When the Avus racing circuit was opened in 1921, Horch entered a factory team in the class up to 10 fiscal horsepower. Drivers Bayer and Enders took second and third places in the final heat. Horch was also a regular winner of the car ‘beauty competitions’ that began to be popular in the late 1920s. When the ‘2,000 Kilometres through Germany’ rally was held in 1933 for the first time, all the Auto Union brands went to the starting line.

  • 经典跑车线条
  • Private Entrants

    Horch cars were fairly frequently entered by private owners who scored many a motorsport success with them.
  • 大灯
  • Lilo Graumüller

    Lilo Graumüller is seen here at the start of the Hohnstein race (`Swiss Saxony´). Her DKW Type Monza racing car was photographed on a bridge over the Polenz.
  • 车轮/轮胎
  • Gerhard Macher

    Gerhard Macher in his DKW Monza with 1100 cc twin two-stroke engine took the AvD club’ s special prize in the 1931 German Grand Prix.
  • 排气尾管
  • Special Bodywork

    Special coupé-style bodies made of aluminium and other weight-saving materials were developed for Audi, Horch and Wanderer cars.