Motorsport HighlightsDKW Rally Successes

In 1953 Auto Union began to sell the DKW 3=6 with a three-cylinder two-stroke engine. The unexpected success of this new model in the first rallies for which it was entered justified the setting up of an Auto Union competition department for cars at the Düsseldorf factory. From then until 1964, DKW drivers gained more than 100 championship titles, 150 overall wins, 35 first-team successes and about 2,500 class victories.

  • 前座椅
  • DKW 3=6 F 91

    Auto Union’s return to international racing after the war took place with the DKW 3=6 (three-cylinder two-stroke engine, 900 cc, 34 bhp, front-wheel drive).
  • 后座椅
  • Liège-Rome-Liège

    Auto Union works entries also took part in the classic Liège - Rome - Liège long-distance race in 1955.
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  • Auto Union 1000

    An Auto Union 1000 with uprated engine (1000 cc, 44 bhp) took part in the 'Coupe des Alpes' rally in 1959.
  • 信息娱乐系统
  • DKW Junior de Luxe

    When the DKW Junior appeared in 1959 it was the ideal car for many private owners keen to take part in touring car races.
  • 三区豪华自动空调
  • At the Nürburgring

    DKW touring car race entries at the DKW Whitsun meeting on the Nürburgring in 1964.
  • 三区豪华自动空调
  • DKW F 12

    The DKW F 12 was used for Auto Union’s last appearance in motor racing in 1964.