Motorsport HighlightsNSU successes in 50s

The ‘double lounger’: with the help of NSU’s technicians Gustav Adolf Baumm, a trained graphic artist, developed a most effectively streamlined body and used it to break eleven world speed records in 1954.

  • 真皮座套表面和方向盘
  • Flying Deckchair

    H.P. Müller in the 'Flying Deckchair' on a salt flat in Utah.
  • 实木内部镶嵌
  • World Champion

    In 1953 Werner Haas took the world championship titles in both the 125cc and 250cc classes; NSU also won the manufacturer’s world championship title.
  • 天窗
  • NSU Rennmax

    NSU Rennmax: winner of the German Championship and the World Championship in 1953 and runner-up in the legendary Tourist Trophy in the same year.