Audi HistoryClassic Highlights

What makes a car or motorcycle into a "classic"? Is it advanced technical features, styling or performance? Surely it is mainly the enthusiasm with which it was originally received and which people still sense when they look back. Every decade in motor-vehicle history has brought forth its classics, many of them from Audi and the companies that preceded it. We would now like to present some of these classics to you.

  • 外观设计
  • Horch 853

    The superlative eight-cylinder Sport Cabriolet.

  • 内部设计
  • Wanderer W 25 K

    The Wanderer W 25 K sports car not only looks extremely attractive, but was also an unusually good performer.

  • 豪华和娱乐装备
  • DKW 3=6

    The three-cylinder car with the refinement of a six-cylinder version.

  • 安全
  • Audi quattro®

    Four driven wheels – the first ever quattro®quattro®Vorsprung durch Technik: quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles.quattro® model.

  • 安全
  • NSU Ro 80

    The automotive scene is still trying to overtake it after thirty years.

  • 安全
  • DKW Supersport 500

    With a water-cooled engine, from the world’s largest motorcycle factory.

  • 安全
  • NSU Supermax

    In its day, the most advanced 250 cc bike that money could buy.