Classic HighlightsHorch 853

Ever since 1927, Horch had made a ‘Horch 8 Sport Cabriolet’. These were initially two-door, two-seat open cars with two side windows only, and two ‘dickey’ seats at the back. As the years passed, the models acquired more space at the back. In 1932, the relevant model in the Horch catalogue was the Type 780. Its successor in 1935 was the 853, one of the most beautifully styled cars of its entire era.

  • 经典跑车线条
  • Horch 853 (1935)

    This was the first of the large Horch models, with a 5 straight-eight engine and the new double-pivot rear axle.
  • 大灯
  • Horch 853 A

    The next model to appear was the Horch 853 A in 1937. Once again, the main differences were under the skin: a new front axle and a 50mm shorter wheelbase.
  • 车轮/轮胎
  • Horch 853 Sedan

    The Horch 853 was available to customers´ special order with exclusive bodywork from various coachbuilders.
  • 排气尾管
  • Horch 853 Coupé

    One of the most elegant of all special bodies was the Coupé on an 853 chassis that Erdmann & Rossi built to the order of star racing driver Bernd Rosemeyer.