Classic HighlightsNSU Ro 80

The NSU Ro 80 was the last car to bear the NSU name. The NSU Ro 80 was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn of 1967, and 37,398 were built between 1967 and 1977. Futuristic styling and a twin-rotor Wankel engine (85 kW/115 bhp) were features of the car voted "Car of the Year, 1967". Today a NSU Ro 80 is on display in Munich’s ‘Pinakothek der Moderne’ gallery as an example of outstanding design.

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  • NSU Ro 80

    Factory photo of NSU Ro 80, 1967-1977, 1,000 cc chamber volume, 115 bhp.
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  • Wankel Engine

    Advantages of the Wankel engine: fewer components, since the engine has no connecting rods, inlet and exhaust valves, camshafts, tappets and pushrods.