Classic HighlightsNSU Supermax

This motorcycle was raced in 1953 with a new frame but the previous season’s engine. The engine is easily identifiable by its Silumin block. The factory-entered competition bike was victorious in 1952 in German championship events in Berlin (Avus), Hamburg (City Park) and on the Grenzlandring circuit. At race meetings the Rennmax took first place nine times, ridden by Werner Haas, Bill Lomas, Otto Daiker and Reginald Armstrong.

  • 全尺寸安全气囊
  • NSU Rennmax

    Extracting 2.5 more horsepower from the engine and reducing the weight by 6 kg raised the top speed by 6 km/h, to 186 km/h.
  • 奥迪驻车辅助系统
  • Werner Haas

    On this bike Werner Haas took the 1953 World Championship in the 250 cc class, despite very strong competition.