Audi HistoryTechnical Highlights

People have been fascinated by automobiles ever since they were invented. In the course of the automobile’s history, Audi and the companies that preceded it introduced a great many new technical features and innovations that enhanced the development of the motor vehicle and gave it the unbelievably high standards of reliability and ease of operation we enjoy today – entirely in the spirit of the Audi maxim ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.

  • 外观设计
  • Front-wheel Drive

    Pulling the car instead of pushing it: more than 80 percent of present-day cars have adopted this principle.

  • 内部设计
  • Wankel Engine

    Its inventor wished to ‘revolutionise’ engine design in every sense of the word with his rotary-piston engine.

  • 豪华和娱乐装备
  • Two-stroke Engine

    Brilliantly simple, it helped above all to bring motorized transport to broad sections of the population.

  • 安全
  • Horch 8-cylinder

    Abundant torque and supreme refinement. The first German eight-cylinder engine.

  • 安全
  • Lightweight Automobile

    Speed comes easier with less weight to carry. The many ways of reducing weight and thus boosting performance.

  • 安全
  • Aerodynamics

    How to swim against the tide and encounter as little resistance as possible.