Technical HighlightsHorch 8-cylinder

In December 1926 the Horchwerke AG of Zwickau announced an eight-cylinder model, designed by Paul Daimler. Horch thus became the first and only German car manufacturer to produce only eight-cylinder cars. The straight-eight engine was modified several times in later years, but not replaced by a V8 until 1933. Horch built a total of approximately 70,000 eight-cylinder engines until it ceased production in 1943.

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  • Paul Daimlers

    Paul Daimler’s development objective was to produce the quietest possible, very smooth-running engine; power output was of secondary importance.
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  • Fritz Fiedler

    From 1930 onwards, Fritz Fiedler succeeded Paul Daimler and modified the engine, primarily with a view to making it cheaper to manufacture.
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  • Horch 8 Typ 303

    Horch 8 Type 303 1926/1927 with 3.2 liter, eight-cylinder engine. This was Germany`s first series-production engine with eight cylinders.
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  • V-engine

    Fritz Fiedler introduced the V-engine at Horch, initially as a V12 in 1932, a year later as a V8. The three-liter V8 developed 60 hp initially.