Technical HighlightsAerodynamics

For almost 100 years now, it has been accepted that a car’s body should be shaped for minimum wind resistance in order to save fuel. The first experiments in this direction go back to the period following the first world war. Audi conducted experimental work on its Type K in 1923, giving it a streamlined body made of aluminium.

  • 全尺寸安全气囊
  • Jaray Audi

    The Jaray Audi, with the original 40 hp six-cylinder engine, reached a top speed of well over 100 km/h with this body.
  • 奥迪驻车辅助系统
  • Streamlined Horch 930

    The streamlined Horch 930 was powered by a 92 hp V8 engine.
  • 驱动防滑控制系统
  • Stromlined Sports Car

    The streamlined Auto Union sports car had a six-cylinder OHC engine designed by Ferdinand Porsche, with three carburettors and an output of 60 hp.
  • 电子差速锁
  • Audi C 3

    The Audi C 3 enjoyed a significant aerodynamic lead with no sacrifice in comfort, safetySafetySee active safety and passive safety.
    Safety or styling.