Audi City BeijingHighlights

Multi-touch table

The Multi-Touch Table is the electronic device equipped with large monitors. It displays the entire line-up of Audi vehicles in HD quality.The visitors can digitally configure their dream cars from millions of possible configurations on the multi-touch table.There are 6 multi-touch tables in Audi City Beijing - 4 on the ground floor, as well as 1 for each of the 2 Customer Private Lounges.


By using Powerwalls, customers can see cars in 360 degrees.Technical details such as the drivetrain, bodyshell, LED light technology or electric-drive technologies can also be examined individually. This presentation option in the automobile industry is unheard-of previously in China.

Material Lab

Despite all the virtual techniques in Audi City Beijing, there are still some characteristics of a car that can also be evaluated by real sense, for instance, the quality and feel of materials. Therefore, Audi City Beijing is equipped with two Material Labs. Each Material Lab contains a large table of fabric, leather and paint samples.


The Customer Private Lounge provides a more private atmosphere for visitors to have a deeper insight or conversation about Audi products.There are two Customer Private Lounges in Audi City Beijing. Each of them is equipped with a multi-touch table and a small powerwall. Customers can configure their preferred vehicle on the multi-touch table, and show it large scale on the powerwall.


Oriental Plaza A510
Chang'an Avenue 1
Dongcheng District