Audi City Beijing Dialogs:

Iris Technology

At 18:30 on May 30, 2013, the “Audi City Beijing Dialog Series” held a new interactive lecture - Iris Technology and Urban Life, in the digital showroom of Audi City Beijing.

Dr. Leo Wang, a specialist in signal and image processing from the University of Bath, UK, was invited to give the lecture.

During the lecture, Dr. Leo Wang not only explained iris technology in details, but also discussed the possibility of applying this technology in Audi City Beijing in the future.

For instance, when a customer comes to Audi City Beijing, the iris recognition system will immediately retrieve his/her individualized information which he/she has left at the Audi City Beijing or a related dealership. The individualized information includes the details of a purchased Audi automobile or a model that the customer interested in. Also, this information can be projected on a relevant screen.

In the future, Audi City Beijing will hold a series of lectures and interactive activities with a wide range of topics, e.g. Fashion, Science & Technology and Environmental Protection. This aims to help customers think and grow, to provide them with a platform to communicate with Audi and to unite Audi with urban life closely.

Audi City Beijing is located at the Oriental Plaza on the Wangfujing Street. It is a concept showroom that unites digital exhibition with individualized services. Six powerwalls are located on the ground floor of Audi City Beijing, two of them are equipped with Movement Control System. Customers can explore the series of Audi automobile by moving their bodies. It makes the process easier for customers to know more about Audi model that they are interested in.