Audi City Beijing Dialogs:

3D Printing Workshop

At 18:30 on 20 June, 2013, the“Audi City Beijing Dialogue Series”held a lecture on 3D-printing technology in the digital showroom of the Audi City Beijing.

Mr Wang Shenglin and his team from Beijing Makerspace introduced and elaborated on what 3D printing technology is and what it allows us to do. Mr.Wang Shenglin was one of the first researchers into the 3D printing technology,and Beijing Makerspace is famous for its 3D printing technology.

This session combines lecture with practices, it gives guests an in-depth understanding of the history of 3D printing, how it scans models and how to use a 3D printer. In addition, the use of 3D printing technology in medicine, fashion, and food were introduced as well. With the assistance of our staff, guests were able to produce their own models with an actual 3D printer.

In the near future, a series of lectures and interactive activities on a wide range of topics (e.g. fashion, technology and the protection of environment ) will be held in Audi City Beijing. It aims to educate and help our clients to grow the perception on these aspects. This also creates a platform for our clients to communicate with Audi and to bind Audi closely with what it concerns for the future of urban life.

Audi City Beijing is a concept showroom that unites digital product demonstration with individualized services. There are six power walls on the first floor and two of them featured with move control system. Clients can interact with the power walls by moving their bodies. These power walls help clients to gain access to the details of the cars they are interested in.