Audi City Beijing Dialogs:

Interactive New Media Exhibition

At 18:30 on August 8, the “Audi City Beijing Dialogue Series “held an exhibition on new media art; Virtual Photosynthesis in the digital showroom of the Audi City Beijing.

Virtual Photosynthesis is a new media art installation by two talented young artists Mu Lei and Xiang Yandong. This particular art installation attempts to demonstrate the relationship between people, time space, virtual and reality in a visual oriented manner.

Virtual Photosynthesis is a multi- media installation that is highly-interactive. It attempts to initiate a direct conversation by actively engaging the audience’s participation in the digital world. To be more specific, the infrared camera captures and simulates as the audience moves and becomes the source of light and shadow. When the audience approaches a particular area, the geometric figures on the screen change and make sounds of heart beats accordingly. This works aims to examine the possibility of existing in harmony between human beings and the digital world.

This summer, a series of lectures and interactive activities on a wide range of topics (e.g. technology, art and design) are taking place in Audi City Beijing. It aims to educate and help our clients to grow the perception on these aspects. This also creates a platform for our clients to communicate with Audi and to bind Audi closely with what it concerns for the future of urban life.

Audi City Beijing is a concept showroom that unites digital product demonstration with customized services. There are six power walls on the first floor with two of them featured with movement controlling system. Clients can interact with the screens by moving their bodies. These power walls help clients to gain access to the details of cars they are interested in.