Audi City Beijing Dialogs:

Haute Couture Workshop

At 18:30 on August 22, the “Audi City Beijing Dialogue Series “held a lecture on Haute Couture; Draping, in the digital showroom of the Audi City Beijing.

This lecture elaborated the principle and practical application of Draping and haute couture. In order to make this an educational and fun experience, we invited our guests to put their ideas into their own design and tailor clothes on their own.

It was our pleasure this time to invite Luna Lee, one of the new coming designers of China’s fashion industry, to share with us knowledge and application on Draping and Haute Couture.

Luna went to London at the age of 19 to study fashion design, where the fashion world opened its magnificent door to her. During her 7 years in England she has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience of which eventually paid off for her to have her own studio opened in Beijing, where she designs and produces clothes of her own. Her edgy designs became popular amongst famous actresses and pop stars. She has held various fashion shows and gained wild press exposure.

This summer, a series of lectures and interactive activities on a wide range of topics (e.g. technology, art and design) are taking place in Audi City Beijing. It aims to educate and help our clients to grow the perception on these aspects. This also creates a platform for our clients to communicate with Audi and to bind Audi closely with what it concerns for the future of urban life.

Audi City Beijing is a concept showroom that unites digital product demonstration with customized services. There are six power walls on the first floor with two of them featured with movement controlling system. Clients can interact with the screens by moving their bodies. These power walls help clients to gain access to the details of cars they are interested in.