Audi City Beijing Dialogs:

Travel Photography Night

At 18:30 on September 10, the “Audi City Beijing Dialogue Series “held a travel photography night, in the digital showroom of the Audi City Beijing.

This lecture revolves around life, travel and photography. During the lecture, guests were given the opportunity to upload their own photos, and a few were chosen to be commented by lecturer.

This time we were fortunate to invite professional travel photographer MUSHANBONAN to give a talk on his thrilling experiences as a professional traveler, photographer and lecturer. MUSHANBONAN, graduated with an art degree, has devoted most of his time in photography and has developed a strong interest in traveling. Those years, he has successfully blended these two into one and manages to embark on an exciting career as a travel photographer. He has received numerous awards from a variety of competitions and hosted a number of exhibition based on his experience and encounters in many countries.

This summer, a series of lectures and interactive activities on a wide range of topics (e.g. technology, art and design) are taking place in Audi City Beijing. It aims at educating and helping our clients to grow the perception on these aspects. This also creates a platform for our clients to communicate with Audi and to bind Audi closely with what it concerns for the future of urban life.

Audi City Beijing is a concept showroom that unites digital product demonstration with customized services. There are six power walls on the first floor with two of them featured with movement controlling system. Clients can interact with the screens by moving their bodies. These power walls help clients to gain access to the details of cars they are interested in.