Audi A1 China Limited Edition setting limit to 500 for sale over the world

We can purchase it in China. We can not necessarily own it in China

When the global limited glaring design meets leading Audi technology,what will happen? Audi A1 China Limited Edition is offered in the world initially,well-known showed. As the model of high efficient engines, 1.4 TFSI® engine carried 7-speed S tronic®, mixed high power output and lower fuel consumption together perfectly; MMI® Navigation plus with 20G hard disk space and simple voice input system, make us know the road condition clearly; but all above, only being with the Chinese exterior and interior design in every detail, the Audi A1 China Limited Edition can be developed, designed for individualized Chinese, be setting limit to 500 for sale, being rare. Small Car, Big on Audi.



Opportunity is limited worldwide. Power is unlimited.

It is the surging power burst by 1.4 TFSI®, the ease and verve brought by 7-speed dual-clutch S tronic transmission and the dazzling appearance of Audi A1 China Limited Edition that shocks our soul and brings about more efficient, dynamic performance and driving pleasure.


Exclusiveness is not only heartbeat at first glance but also the impulse to drive it.

When 1.4 TFSI® 90kW engine is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch S tronic transmission, it can control the loss of power within 122 horsepower, making the gear-shift smoother and quicker. And it is even combined with the engine start/stop system, significantly reducing fuel consumption. Since then, the car will no longer consume any energy when it stops or waits. It can run forward instantly as soon as possible.


For those you have not thought of yet, we have done all for you.

When you are in an Audi A1 China Limited Edition car, an unusually rich inner world is open to you. The MMI® enhanced navigation system (optional) uses a three-dimensional map, using a topographic method to color routes. The car is equipped with a 20G internal hard disk storage space. Wherever you go, the road ahead is at your fingertips. The car is also equipped with the navigation location voice input system, which can simplify your travel greatly and help you reach your destination quickly.


Chinese elements exist everywhere in both the outside and inside of the car. This is extremely rarely seen.

In the very eye-catching Audi A1, there are always a few more eye-catching. As you can see, everything is like Audi A1: Audi A1 China Limited Edition’s standard equipment includes S line sporty chassis, sparkling white / gold exterior decorative foil… When the Chinese elements of every detail are well integrated with Audi’ century-long aesthetic experience, Audi A1 China Limited Edition is launched grandly.