ComfortYou not only own a car, but a moving palace

A1 Sportback not only brings driving pleasure, but also reverence on the five senses. The dashboard is designed in a simple manner, and all information and control mechanisms are clear. At the same time, the middle of the dashboard has a horizontal dividing line, which makes the interface delicate and enlarges the space visually.

Generous Space


Space is something you can never get enough of. The two-seat rear bench system can be folded down completely or split in ratio 1/3 to 2/3, enlarging the luggage space from 270 to 920 litres.

Comfort key

A1 Sportback is provided with the comfort key. The key only needs to be carried with you, and the engine is started and switched off via the engine start-stop button on the dashboard. It seems to be connected with you, and makes every operation easy.

With the air conditioning, the weather is up to you


No matter auto or manual, the air conditioning always gives you a perfect space. The air recirculation keeps the air fresh and natural. The defroster vents for the windscreen and the side windows work well together. With sunlight-dependent control, the automatic air conditioningAutomatic air conditioningClimate control, optimum air quality and a pleasant temperature in the interior.Automatic air conditioning electronically controls the air temperature, flow rate and distribution. Plus the light/rain and temperature sensor and combined filter, you can have the best comfortable experience in the car at any time.