ControlYou start it, and it turns you on

Be prepared for a soul storm. When you start Audi A1 Sportback, you can swift gear smoothly without feeling any power loss thanks to the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission S tronicS tronicFaster gearshifts, sportier driving: the S tronic combines the sporty characteristics of a manual gearbox with the advantages of an automatic.S tronic . The exquisite cooperation of the ESP Electronic Stability Program brings you steady driving pleasure. Balanced arrangement of the advanced assistant systems awakens every one of your cell. You can drive with pleasure.

S tronic


The Audi dual-clutch transmission S tronic combines the convenience of a torque converter transmission with the dynamics and efficiency of a manual transmission. It changes gears within a few hundredths of a second without any perceptible interruption of pulling power, smoothly and very comfortably. Weighing only around 70 kilograms (154.32 lb), the seven-speed S tronic also helps to save weight. Its two clutches run dry – the elimination of the oil supply further increases the already high efficiency of the transmission. Power is supplied to the electrohydraulic actuator as needed.

Dynamic chassis system unites agility and comfort perfectly


The Audi engineers have dedicated a great effort to the weight distribution of axle load during the development of A1 Sportback. They even consider the influence of the position of a battery on the front-rear weight ratio carefully. The bearing of the front axle, the stabilizer bar, the spring and the damper are also adjusted to realize better sportiness and balanced control experience. The dynamic chassis unites agile maneuverability and comfort perfectly. The springs and dampers of the McPherson front axle react immediately to the requirements of the road. The direct steering ratio provides a spontaneous response to every movement of the steering wheel. The compound link rear suspension with completely newly designed guide bearings ensures precise cornering and excellent directional stability.

ESP Electronic Stability Program enables free and steady control

A1 Sportback adopts a leading Audi technology - ESP with electronic axle-differential lock. If the electronic axle-differential lock detects too much reduction of the load on the front wheels, it will make a brief and controllable brake on the front inner wheel, and the excess torque will be transferred to the outer wheel, so that it uses the power effectively, increases the road grip and brings you a comfortable and steady cornering experience.

Electrohydraulic steering makes cornering fun


Cornering is fun. A1 Sportback is equipped with electrohydraulic steering which ensures the steering assistance is matched to your driving speed. With its help, you can experience smooth driving in different corners. In addition, the system adopts an energy-saving design which reduces energy consumption effectively.