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Want more music, communication modes, and intelligent systems? Get in. Want more entertainment? Get in. With more colors, freedom and fun, A1 Sportback is equipped with a top infotainment and multimedia system. All that you need is to get in.

MMI Navigation Plus


True greatness also shows in the details: The Audi A1 can compete with the luxury segment as far as its optional multimedia range is concerned. The MMIR navigation plus, in particular, leaves hardly anything to be desired. Both the 6.5-inch TFT color display and the concert radio are located above the control unit on the dashboard. So you always have a range of data in full view.
Select your destination from a choice of three alternative routes displayed as 3D maps. The topographical coloring makes the route even clearer. In addition, a variety of points of interests or other locations you require, such as restaurants or petrol stations, can be shown. Another special feature: when combined with Bluetooth car phone online, your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone with SIM Access Profile can be connected to the vehicle’s internal UMTS module. You can call up Google Earth satellite maps1 in the MMI navigation plusMMI navigation plusThe latest-generation navigation system: MMI Navigation plus delivers outstanding comfort and convenience – and not only on long journeys.MMI navigation plus and the WiFi hotspot allows you to connect your WiFi-compatible device easily with the internet2. The system can be operated via the MMIMMIReduced, simple, logical: the Multi Media Interface (MMI) elegantly combines the operation of all infotainment components in one display and operating system.MMI or speech dialogue systemSpeech dialogue systemWith the speech dialogue system, you can control the car phone, radio, CD player, CD changer, TV tuner and all the main functions of the navigation system.Speech dialogue system .

BOSE Surround Sound


Penetrate your soul with outstanding sound experience. Equipped with the unique BOSE surround soundBOSE Surround SoundA new dimension in listening pleasure: the BOSE Sound System has been especially developed for the acoustic environment in the vehicle interior.BOSE Surround Sound system (*optional), including 14 loudspeakers and a 10-channel amplifier with total output of 465 watts. It provides the purest high quality music enjoyment, penetrating your soul with outstanding sound experience. The changing LED ambient lights and LED aura that surrounds BOSE bass make entertainment more poetic.

The multimedia system creates an individual entertainment space


A1 Sportback provides a rich infotainment system to meet the diversified needs of the young. Except for the standard configuration, you can choose the infotainment system of the higher level - the all-new concert radio package. This multi-functional device is also equipped with the CD player. The radio comes standard with the fold-out, 6.5-inch TFT color screen. In addition, the SD memory card reader (MP3, WMA and AAC-capable), AUX-in connection and eight loudspeakers at front and rear are also available, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect sound and videos at any time.

The driver information system display expands your visual angle


The display is located at the top of the center console. Directly located in the driver’s field of vision, the white 3.5-inch TFT display shows the necessary information for the driver at any time. Same with the models of the higher grade, the system can be controlled through the keys and the multifunction roller behind the steering wheel, which allows you to have a strong hold over your driving.