ComfortWarm journey, luxurious enjoyment

A4 allroad quattro brings you to realize the meaning of travel. A4 allroad is not only a car, but a safe and comfortable private space. The elegant interior, high quality craftwork, reasonable space arrangement and ergonomic design all aim to create the most comfortable driving experience for you. With bigger space and more intelligent driver assist system, it brings you wonderful journeys time and time again.

Driver information system with fatigue alert

As a station wagon for all roads, A4 allroad quattro considers that the driver usually drives for a long time, so the fatigue alert function is important. The fatigue alert system displayed on the dashboard is based on the steering action detected by the steering angle sensor. The system records and monitors the driver’s actions on the pedal and the gear lever during the day to learn his driving habit. If the sensor detects that the steering action becomes slow in a specific period, the system will give a visual and audio alert. The driver information systemDriver information systemThe display of the driver information system (DIS) brings together a wide range of different information items in the centre of the cockpit and permanently indicates the vehicle’s current operating status.Driver information system with fatigue alert is like a copilot who protects your journey.

3-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning creates a comfortable temperature

The A4 allroad quattro is equipped with the 3-zone deluxe automatic air conditioningDeluxe automatic air conditioningWhether you are the driver or the front passenger: just the desired climate on both sidesDeluxe automatic air conditioning . With sunlight-dependent control, it adjusts the temperature automatically. You can also preset the temperature at the driver’s side and the front-seat passenger’s side respectively, and enjoy the comfortable interior environment. Meanwhile, the automatic recirculation mode of the air quality sensor and the combined fine-dust filter keeps the interior air clean. The convenient three-stage seat heatingSeat heatingAlways the right temperature: optional seat heating makes for a pleasant seat climate.Seat heating is also available, creating a comfortable atmosphere even in winter.

490L large luggage compartment, open with one key


A4 allroad quattro is specially designed in the spatial structure in order to meet the needs of a long journey. The comfortable space in the front and at the back can accommodate a big family. The 490L large luggage compartment is opened with one key, and holds heavy luggage and travel equipment.