InfotainmentFollow your intuition and the operation is easy

Audi is dedicated to integrate the idea of “Vorsprung durch Technik” into every detail. In A4 allroad quattro, every infotainment function is controlled easily. The new MMIMMIReduced, simple, logical: the Multi Media Interface (MMI) elegantly combines the operation of all infotainment components in one display and operating system.MMI control, new generation MMI navigation plusMMI navigation plusThe latest-generation navigation system: MMI Navigation plus delivers outstanding comfort and convenience – and not only on long journeys.MMI navigation plus , Bang &Olufsen surround sound etc add much fun to your journey. The intelligent operating system will be set according to the driver’s logic in use, so that you can enjoy the extraordinary experience of the technology.

New generation MMI


The new generation MMI adds new functions, so that users can operate and use it more conveniently. You can get the navigation information by entering the destination through the coordinates, so that you won’t get lost in the journey. The new generation MMI is stronger and more human-centered in the information support: the voice dialogue system, access to the navigation address with one touch, the simplified Bluetooth connection, the car phone and multimedia are all controlled easily. In addition, the new generation MMI adopts a new button layout, so that the driver can operate easily without diverting his attention on the road. This improves the operation convenience and driving safety.

Bang &Olufsen surround sound

A4 allroad quattro is provided with the Danish Bang &Olufsen surround sound which realizes a perfect surround sound effect and brings you a hall-level sound enjoyment. The sound system matches the internal structure of the car exquisitely, so you can enjoy the pleasing sound. During a long journey, the thing that accompanies you is not only the scenery, but also the wonderful audio-visual feast.