SafetyIntelligent technology makes precise prediction

You feel the speed and passion on the road, and it’s the leading intelligent technology that protects you behind. When you sit in front of the steering wheel, the system has made everything ready in the background. The A4 allroad quattro adopts Active Lane Assist, Side Assist, ASR and ESP with EDL and a brake assist feature etc to help you reach the destination safely. The assist systems are closely related, Not only increasing the intelligent level and universality, but also greatly improving the driving dynamics and safety performance.

Adaptive cruise control


When the car speed is within 30-200 km/h, Adaptive cruise controladaptive cruise controlRelaxed and comfortable on long journeys: adaptive cruise control can even be used on busy roads and in dense lines of traffic.adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor to detect vehicles ahead and maintain this distance by automatic braking and accelerating. It ensures that the distance is within the set value. ACC not only improves the active safety, but also effectively reduces the driver’s fatigue during a long journey and increases the driving comfort.

Audi Active Lane Assist


Every technology of Audi guarantees your safety better. The Audi active lane assist enables A4 allroad quattro to realize lane keeping. When the car runs within the system limit of 60-250km/h, the Audi active lane assist can help the driver keep in the lane. If the system is activated/ready and the driver has not operated the indicators, the Audi active lane assist will guide the vehicle within recognized lane boundary lines by means of gentle, corrective steering intervention; the driver can choose whether he would like to be monitored continuously or just shortly before crossing the traffic lane marker; additional steering vibration can be adjusted if the driver wishes. With the Audi active lane assist, you’ll feel at ease and safer during a high-speed journey.

Audi Side Assist


As a station wagon for all roads, A4 allroad quattro has carefully considered the common problems during driving and coped with them with change of details. The Audi side assistAudi side assistThe lane change assistant Audi side assist aids the driver when changing lane.Audi side assist is equal to a lane changing assistant. When the car speed exceeds 30km/h, the system uses radar technology to monitor the area at its side and rear areas, and informs or warns you by means of an LED display in the rearview mirror if the Audi side assist has detected another vehicle assessed as critical for lane-changing. It integrates the human-centered safety consideration into every detail, guaranteeing the driver’s safe journey.