Exterior DesignFeel the difference

The A4 allroad quattro catches your eyes at the moment when you see it. The streamline appearance highlights the elegant tension of the car. The long wheelbase and the full engine hood show the power. At the same time, the unique Singleframe grille is sprayed with titanium grey and matched with the vertical chrome struts, fully showing the high-end touch of quality. You only need to enjoy all of these.

Impressive new wagon


As a station wagon for all roads, A4 allroad quattro is meticulous in overall design. The body is sportier and more harmonized and looks pure and powerful. The exterior is clear and elegant. The black aluminum roof rails with two supports are available. The ground clearance is increased by 37mm, and the tread is widened by 24mm. The stainless steel chassis provides full protection at the front and rear. With the 18-inch special wheel hubs, the power and beauty are highlighted when the car runs on the road.

New line LED lights inherit the pure Audi blood


As an excellent Audi design feature, the new line LED lighting technology has got a lot of public attention. The headlights and the xenon lights with angular fog lightsFog lightsThe fog lights integrated into the front apron produce a wide dispersed beam pattern on the road, which is optimised for poor visibility conditions.Fog lights and adaptive headlights ensure high brightness and wide illumination scope. The newly designed LED daytime running lightsLED daytime running lightsLED daytime running lights make sure you are seen quickly by other road users, whatever the daytime light conditions.LED daytime running lights and angular fog lights inherit the Audi pure blood and shines with dignity.



A4 allroad quattro also has an excellent tail design. The new LED taillights with light strip and the license plate light reflect the nobility in details. The bumper with diffuser insert and the antenna on the roof are extraordinary. The simple and unexaggerated design style makes it more elegant and outstanding.