EnginesEverything is changing in this era except for our pursuit of power and efficiency.

Many hours of development. Why thousands of miles of testing? In just a few seconds you will understand. The power system of the new Audi A4L is upgraded with significantly improved sports performance. This not only inherits the brand claim "Vorsprung durch Technik" , but also reflects the brand value of “progressive, sophisticated and sporty”.

TFSI® engine: optimized performance

The new Audi A4L models are equipped with TFSITFSIAudi was the first manufacturer in the world to combine petrol direct injection with turbocharging in large-scale car productionTFSI ® engines. It combines the advantages of FSIFSIGetting more out of every drop of petrol.FSI ® with a turbocharging, which ensures remarkably better power output. The Audi valvelift system (AVS) lowers fuel consumption and due to an intelligent thermal management system the engine reaches its operating temperature faster. At the same time, it directs heat to the interior which increases driving comfort and helps to lower fuel consumption. All TFSI® engine features as standard a start-stop system and of course meet CN Ⅳ standard and Beijing Ⅴ emission standard.  
With its maximum power of 155 kW, the 40TFSI model has an output rating of up to 350 Nm. It is characterized by both lower consumption and lower CO2 emissions. The A4L 50 TFSI model is equipped with an innovative mechanical supercharger system with air cooler. It turns the 50 TFSI V6 into a compact powerhouse – with moderate fuel consumption.