Convert the space into freedom instantly.

The pleasure of free and flexible control benefits from the liberation of space. It makes you enjoy every pleasure during the journey.

Generous and variable


The generous luggage compartment with a loading width of 1,000 mm is extremely variable. The asymmetrical rear seat can be split and folded down to allow the loading volume to be extended quickly from 480 to 1,283 litres. The optional through-load facility with removable ski/snowboard bag facilitates the stowing of longer objects, so that you can look forward to your next transport in a relaxed manner.

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control provides you with comfortable long-time driving experience

Even on busy roads and dense traffic line, you can turn on the Adaptive Cruise Control function. The system measures the distance with the front car by aid of a special radar sensor to control car speed, and ensures that driving speed doesn’t exceed the set value. The system also includes the alert device of brake pedal. When necessary, the brake force reaches the max to reduce the driving speed to within 30km/h. In addition, the system also keeps a constant distance with the front car automatically.

Automatic Temperature Control


The deluxe automatic air conditioner provides you with a single temperature controller. The driver and passengers can adjust the ambient temperature in car. This automatic temperature control system can detect the sunlight temperature, and adjust the air conditioner’s temperature from the front and rear seats.

Ergonomic Control Panel


The dashboards are distributed according to the intelligent and ergonomic principles. With the colored driver info system, you are clear about the car condition. The display screen is right on the center console, so the driver can get information at a better view.

Comfortable Seats


The four full-size seats are comfortable and have powerful horizontal support. The seats use Milano leather, and the front seats can be adjusted electrically. The front seat heating unit and electrical adjusting waist support are also available.