Turn driving into fun instantly

There are more individual high technology configurations for choices. Among them, the Bang &Olufsen Sound System makes driving a perfect journey of music.

Newly Designed MMI®3G Navigation


MMI®3G navigation with new operating logic brings easier and quicker operations. To prevent
driver’s line of sight from leaving the road too often, new MMI®3G navigation employs compacter and clearer design for buttons to achieve more comfortable and quicker operations. In addition, the volume adjustment is also integrated under the browsing function.

Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System


Innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and highest quality materials and craftsmanship bring unparalleled surround sound effects to you. Working with high-fidelity sound expert Bang & Olufsen, Audi developed the sound system that establishes new standards for the industry to deliver unrivalled audio-visual experience to the users. Bang & Olufsen premium sound system achieves surround reproduction through 12 speakers, with the central speaker located in the instrument panel, a squawker on each door, and woofers and tweeters secured to rear view mirrors. The wall inserts on either side of the rear are also equipped with squawkers and tweeters together with woofers, dynamic running noise compensation and 10-channel amplifier, with a total power output of 465 Watt.

Driver Information System with Fatigue Alert

The driver information system is equipped with a color display within the instrument panel. It provides you with various information from trip computer and automatic testing controller, and displays radio frequencies.