The first elegant Coupé

When you are in A5 Coupé, any movement is an enjoyment. The comfortable seats use top-grade leather, making your trip more comfortable.

Ergonomic Control Panel


The dashboards are distributed according to the intelligent and ergonomic principles. With the colored driver info system, you are clear about the car condition. The display screen is right on the center console, so the driver can get information at a better view.

Multi-function seat design


Adjust the seat height, front and rear position, angles of head rest and backrest; Sports seats that are convenient for backseat passengers use specially shaped pad which provides better side support at turns. The backseat backrest can be separated and folded, and can be released in the trunk.

Automatic Temperature Control


The deluxe automatic air conditioner provides you with a single temperature controller. The driver and passengers can adjust the ambient temperature in car. This automatic temperature control system can detect the sunlight temperature, and adjust the air conditioner’s temperature from the front and rear seats.