Power becomes passion

A sporty coupe must be provided with a strong and efficient engine. The strong power of A5 Coupé comes from the global leading engine technology. The TFSI technology not only improves the engine efficiency and power, but also greatly reduces oil consumption. The petrol engine with direct fuel injection and exhaust-gas turbocharging is one of the most economical and cleanest engines in the world. A5 Coupé is provided with the 2.0TFSI® engine or the 3.0 TFSI® engine.

2.0 TFSI® engine

The maximum power of A5 2.0 TFSI® engine reaches 155 kw. It delivers a powerful 350 Nm of torque at rotation of 1,500-4,200 rpm. With such strong power, Audi A5 can be accelerated at your pleasure at any time. In addition, the engine is also equipped with the innovative gear combination including the Audi Valve-lift System (AVS). To enable the valve-lift to be adjusted at two levels, one group of sliding cams is installed on the exhaust camshaft. It includes two groups of adjacent cam profiles adjusting the two different valve-lifts and automatically deciding the cam that opens inlet valve according to the power.

3.0 TFSI® engine

The 3.0 TFSI® engine is the latest top-grade version of Audi V6 engine. It integrates the two top technologies of fuel direct injection and mechanical supercharging. The mechanical supercharger of this all-new engine is compact in structure and integrated in the 90-degree inclination of the V engine. The supercharger is connected and driven via multi-wedge belt by the engine crankshaft, so the engine can produce a high supercharge value at the idle speed. 3.0 TFSI® with two inner coolers can delivers a powerful 400 Nm of torque at the low rotation of 2,150 to 4,780 rpm, and outputs a peak power of 200 kw. It takes the car just 5.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Displacement is replaced by compulsive air intake. The strong performance of 3.0 TFSI® exceeds 3.2 FSI®, but the displacement and oil consumption are greatly reduced. The average oil consumption per 100 km is reduced by 15%.