Push the driving pleasure to ultimate

The pleasure of driving is that a car can understand you tacitly. The pleasure is triggered at any moment.

Audi drive select®, adapt itself to you so well

Five modes are available: efficiency, comfort, dynamic, auto and, in conjunction with optional MMI® navigation plus, individual mode. You can decide how the auto parts run. Audi drive select® influences the response of engine, transmission and steering wheel as well as damper of suspension, sports steering wheel and quattro® sports differential. The engine and gears react more spontaneously or in a more balanced manner to movements of the accelerator, depending on the mode chosen.

quattro® permanent all-wheel drive assists your pleasing maneuvering

S5 Coupé is good at catching each turn, which is the secret of the quattro® permanent all-wheel system. The quattro® technology distributes lasting power for front and rear axles and all wheels. Providing power to each axle is helpful in reducing energy consumption and keeping good balance ability. With this system, you can control the car well at each turn. The powerful torque makes every trip an exciting experience, and the driving becomes a pleasing experience. In addition, you can enjoy the driving pleasure at any time thanks to the direction and steering stability.

7-speed double clutch S tronic


Gear-shifting is faster. S tronic combines the sports feature of a manual gearbox and the automatic advantage of automatic gear-shifting. Dual-clutch gearbox facilitates shorter gearshift times and gearshifting with virtually no perceptible interruption in the power flow. The driver can choose the automatic mode or use the manual mode via the shift paddle on the steering wheel.

quattro® Sport Differential System improves flexibility and stability manoeuvring

It dynamically distributes toque at front and rear axles and wheels through the electronic control unit under various drive environments, thus realizing high flexibility and stability. When the car accelerates or turns, more torque is distributed to wheels. This also ensures outstanding acceleration performance in corners and stabilizes the vehicle’s response to load change. The quattro® Sport Differential System must be chosen with the Drive Mode option.

EPS makes maneuvering more accurate and comfortable

EPS makes steering more accurate and comfortable. With faster response and more accurate steering transmission, the oil consumption is also reduced by 0.3L/100km. Audi Lane Assist is also realized.

Optimized suspension

The front wheels are installed on a five-link individual suspension with upper and lower wishbones. The wishbones are installed on a subframe which is firmly fixed on the body. The key element of the backshaft driving mechanism is the Trapezoidal-Link Rear Suspension that uses the new kinematics principle. It can provide outstanding ride comfort and drive stability. The key parts of the front and rear suspensions adopt aluminum material, so the body weight is reduced and maneuvering is smoother.

Rack-and-pinion steering-gear makes maneuvering more flexible

Another innovative part is the rack-and-pinion steering-gear. Being at the front of the front axle, it is close to the center line of tyre. This design can directly transmit steering power to increase flexibility of maneuvering.