A car should show consideration for you

Get more kinetic energy with less consumption is the wish of every car owner. This car thinks what you think and balances energy consumption and energy just right.

Audi Drive Select with efficiency mode

The drive mode option with efficient mode can work with the Start-Stop device and intelligently adjust the car to be driven under a suitable mode, thus reducing oil consumption. Under the efficient mode, the drive mode option intelligently controls the air-conditioning system, so the ambient temperature is comfortable. In addition, under the efficient mode, Adaptive Cruise Control, Sports Differential Lock, Dynamic Steering and Electromechanical Power Steering can work under an energy-saving mode.

Start-Stop system with recuperation

When the driver meets a red light, Start-Stop will automatically turn off the engine to reduce fuel consumption and waste gas emission under idle speed. The engine stops working at the moment. When the driver releases the brake pedal, Start-Stop will start the engine quietly and quickly. S5 models are also provided with recuperation system. It can convert extra kinetic energy into electrical energy and recuperate to the electrical system when the car is decelerating and cruising. During acceleration, the electrical energy can be supplied to the electrical system on the car, thus reducing generator set’s consumption of engine efficiency. This device can efficiently reduce fuel consumption by 0.2L/100km, and reduce it by 1.5L/100km even during traffic jam in cities.

Driver Information System and Energy Efficiency Program

The screen of Driver Information System is in the center of the front console and provides instant driving condition. The compatible Energy Efficiency Program also provides instant energy consumption data. The driver can read the suggestion on shift changing and oil consumption, which provides a more energy-saving mode for driving.