Safety excels everything

Audi S5 has industry leading safety functions, including the strong safe air bags, Park Assist and Side Assist. Different safety technologies create a safe driving space for the driver.

Audi Pre Sense front

When you are delighted with the smooth journey, Audi pre sense front in S5 Coupé can detect possible danger, and provide support in phases. First is warn signal, then is short deceleration warning. If you step on the brake pedal, the system will brake accurately according to driving condition of the front car. If the driver doesn’t act after the two warnings, the system will brake forcibly. The windows and sunroof are closed, the warning light is activated and the seat belts are tightened. This technology kit judges danger in advance and intervenes timely, which shows the rigorous technology and highest safety standard in the industry.

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control provides you with comfortable long-time driving experience


Even on busy roads and dense traffic line, you can turn on the Adaptive Cruise Control function. The system measures the distance with the front car by aid of a special radar sensor to control car speed, and ensures that driving speed doesn’t exceed the set value. The system also includes the alert device of brake pedal. When necessary, the brake force reaches the max to reduce the driving speed to within 30km/h. In addition, the system also keeps a constant distance with the front car automatically.

Audi Side Assist, far from danger of lane changing


The system can warn the driver of dangerous lane changing. It detects both sides and rear area of the car via the radar sensor. When a car appears in the blind area or gets close quickly from behind, the alarm light on the rear view mirror will flash. If the driver turns on the steering light at the moment, the LED will flash too to inform the driver of possible car clash. The system can detect within 70m behind the car. It is activated when the speed exceeds 30km/h.

Braking system

The braking system is benefited from the almost 50:50 well-balanced non-symmetrical load distribution system. The specially designed big brake disk reduces any invalidation (called decline phenomenon) during emergency brake. The brake pedal can generate good brake force, and realize better maneuvering during braking. Emergency brake during driving will automatically activate the alarm light, and the self-adaptive brake light will give alarm.

Park Assist, no more sliding when going up or down ramp

Electronic Park and Audi Park Assistant provide assistance for your maneuvering. When the car goes up or down a ramp, you don’t have to operate Electronic Park. The Audi Park Assist itself can guarantee no sliding.

Full-size airbag and side airbag

Provided with full-size front airbag and side airbag for the driver and front-passenger. The side head airbags of seats and bump protection device provide extra protection. The bump protection device uses special-shape seat back, and can protect the passenger’s upper body and head when he is bumped from behind.