For maximum enjoyment of the cabriolet experience

Share your driving adventure with others, even if there is a risk that your travel companions will never want to get out again: superb comfort and excellent finish ensure that the occupants of the four full-size seats get maximum enjoyment from their cabriolet experience.

Roomy and variable

The luggage compartment has a capacity of 320 l when the hood is open and 380 l when it is closed. By folding the rear seat back and the load-through facility down, you can even increase the capacity to 750 l.

S sports front seat


Adjust the seat height, front and rear position, angles of head rest and backrest; Sports seats that are convenient for backseat passengers use specially shaped pad which provides better side support at turns.

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control provides you with comfortable long-time driving experience

Even on busy roads and dense traffic line, you can turn on the Adaptive Cruise Control function. The system measures the distance with the front car by aid of a special radar sensor to control car speed, and ensures that driving speed doesn’t exceed the set value. The system also includes the alert device of brake pedal. When necessary, the brake force reaches the max to reduce the driving speed to within 30km/h. In addition, the system also keeps a constant distance with the front car automatically.