Audi A6 hybrid


The trendsetting all-new smart technology can bring even stronger power and more efficient performance to your car. Audi A6 hybrid’s full-hybrid power will redefine the classics, using powerful strength and unprecedented driving experience to prove to you that the trendsetting all-new perfect car has already arrived.

All new 2.0 TFSI engine provides excellent and efficient hybrid power


As a full-hybrid vehicle, Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with a 2.0 TFSI® engine which has won multiple awards. This 4-cylinder engine performs as well as the six-cylinder engine. Its flexible and intelligent cooperation with the motor achieves higher efficiency but lower fuel consumption. The use of the latest electronic technology makes the car body lighter, so as to achieve low emissions, low fuel consumption and excellent performance, making the combined consumption of the car to be as low as only 6.4 liters per 100 km. Pure electric driving, energy recovery, full acceleration and coasting as well as other innovative technologies and concepts are all applied into Audi A6 hybrid, making the hybrid driving of the car become a perfect experience.

8-speed tiptronic hybrid transmission enables you to drive at your will


Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with an 8-speed tiptronic hybrid transmission, which can automatically determine the optimal timing of switching gears, making the shifting process done more quickly and smoothly. Compared with the traditional gearbox, the 8-speed tiptronic hybrid transmission has unparalleled high efficiency, energy saving capacity and environmentally friendly features. Meanwhile, it can significantly reduce the common-seen impact of shifting gears existing in common automatic transmissions, perfectly integrating the efficient power transfer and the comfortable driving experience, and making everything done easily and smoothly.

Full-hybrid battery system with the leading technology makes the car run farther


Audi A6 hybrid meets users’ multiple needs for vehicle technology innovation, energy saving capacity and environmental friendliness. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the car has a higher energy capacity, higher output but lower requirements for weight and space. Although its weight reduces by nearly 40%, it has higher energy efficiency and its electric driving can easily exceed the previous performance range.

Energy recovery system provides power continuously


Through the recovery of the energy generated in decelerating and braking processes, the energy recovery system with which Audi A6 hybrid is equipped can convert the power into electrical energy and store the majority of the energy into the battery, thus making it possible to achieve greater fuel economy and to reduce energy consumption. Whenever the driver releases the accelerator or step down the brake pedal, the intelligent management system will make the motor generate much power and charge the battery. In the subsequent acceleration processes, the electric energy can be efficiently used, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Audi ultra lightweight technology ensures both efficiency and safety


Audi ultra lightweight technology leads the future development of the lightweight automotive structure. Audi A6 hybrid inherits the Audi ultra lightweight body manufacturing concept, and about 30% of parts in its body are made of aluminum. The aluminum hybrid structure applies to all parts and has been optimized in many places so that the vehicle provide greater flexibility, more pleasant driving experience, better comfort and higher efficiency. Lighter but stronger materials can better protect passengers’ safety while reducing the fuel consumption.

The onboard computer having an energy-saving program offers both comfort and energy saving capacity


Audi A6 hybrid uses an onboard computer having an energy-saving program, which can prompt the driver to use an economical driving mode. With the new energy-saving program, the driver can achieve a more economical driving mode without reducing his or her driving pleasure. While improving comfort, the program can reduce extra fuel consumption.

Automatic Start-Stop system achieves low fuel consumption and low emissions


Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with the Start-Stop system, which can automatically shut down the engine while the car stops to wait for the red light, thus preventing unnecessary energy consumption. When the driver releases the brake pedal, the system will start the engine rapidly and quietly, letting the car move forward. The whole process is very smooth and achieves low fuel consumption and low emissions without the driver’s awareness. In addition, the system can be turned off with one key at any time.

A gorgeous, elegant classic look comes with an all new style. The car has a lightweight body, concise lines and an elegant interior. Every detail in the car has an extraordinary design. The streamlined outer design of Audi A6 hybrid emits an endless sporty smell, and its exquisitely crafted interior even shows the driver’s exclusive, distinguished privileges and unstoppable momentum without fearing any challenges.

Classic outer design


The elegant lines and refined silhouette of Audi A6 hybrid highlight its extraordinary sporty and fashion sense, and every line of the iconic Audi family front design embraces the unchanged creed. The exclusive arctic silver exterior color of Audi A6 hybrid implies a restrained edge among calmness. The car’s fender, rear fender, trunk and engine hood are all decorated with the “hybrid” logo, a typical identity of hybrid models. Its 17-inch 10-spoke turbine blade-shaped cast aluminum wheels show a significantly extraordinary momentum even at rest.

LED lights


Audi A6 hybrid’s bright full-LED headlamps perfectly fit in to its entire body design. It lights up the way for you in the dark with its daylight-like lamps. Shot-distance lights, long-distance lights, daytime running lights, parking lights and width lamps all use the LED technology. While projecting daylight-like bright light, they also effectively reduce glare in rainy and foggy days. LED taillights also have the same excellent performance, greatly improving the vehicle's active safety. No matter when and where it is, the lights can help you learn the road condition ahead and ensure you drive safely and calmly all the way.

Exquisite interior design


The exquisite craftsmanship of details highlights luxury and exclusiveness. Audi A6 hybrid’s interior inherits the Audi brand’s uncompromising quality: fine surface finish, rich interior kit, easy handling and high quality design applied to every detail in the car. The instrument cluster and sill trims are all decorated with the unique “hybrid” logo of hybrid vehicles, highlighting the distinction, nobleness and elegance of the car. When you sit in the car, you can drive it with great facility.

More storage space


The design in the cabin of Audi A6 hybrid embodies the people-oriented design concept everywhere. In the cabin, flexible spaces for use can be seen everywhere. The front seats are equipped with multiple compartments in their front and rear sides and below them to facilitate occupants’ daily uses; the rear seats are installed with a storage space having internal emergency first-aid kit in the central armrest. More storage space means more convenience and can meet the occupants’ needs even in the long-distance travel.

Each of Audi’s smart technologies is used to improve your sensory enjoyment. Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with the driver assistance system, MMI® multimedia interactive system and a variety of comfort configuration, allowing you to move forward elegantly. Audi simplifies the sophisticated technology and thus facilitates your operation, bringing an unparalleled comfort to your journey.

Audi drive select


Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with Audi drive select, which allows you to easily self-regulate your driving style according to different road conditions and needs, and to choose a driving mode more suitable for you in these cases. The system pre-sets four modes: comfortable, automatic, sporty and efficient. The comfortable mode can provide you a comfortable driving experience as much as possible in case of long-distance driving and bad road conditions; the automatic mode offers a good balance, comfortable but also very agile; the sporty mode provides a more sporty driving experience; and the efficient mode offers an efficient and economical driving mode. The system also offers personalized modes. You can adjust the vehicle's driving characteristics according to your own will and driving habits, pursuing a fully personalized driving pleasure.

Audi side assist


The Audi side assist system includes the Audi pre sense rear and can monitor the rear area of the car within the range of the system. This capability is extremely useful when the car is changing the lane (for example, on the highway).
The monitor is integrated with outside mirrors. When the speed of your car is more than 30km/h, the Audi side assist system will use two radar sensors having a range of about 70 meters each to measure the distance between the detected car and your car and the speed difference of the two cars. If the Audi side assist system detects any "significant" speed difference and distance when your car is changing the lane, the corresponding outside mirror will display a signal (information level). This signal can be seen only when the driver directly looks at the outside mirror. If the driver opens the turn indicator and the Audi side assist system detects "important" vehicles, the signal displayed on the outside mirror will blink for a few times (warning level). The Audi side assist system can help the driver to improve driving safety and easily arrive at the destination.

Audi lane assist


Audi A6 hybrid’s lane assist system can help the driver to maintain the car within the lane and prevent accidents. If the car deviates from the lane, the lane assist system will use the vibration of the steering wheel to alert the driver. The lane-keeping system with an intervention and turning function can set early or late turning intervention in the MMI® to ensure the driver to drive safely on the road in the right direction, reducing the driver’s load and improving the comfort of driving.

Electric trunk lid


Audi A6 hybrid can be optionally installed with the trunk lid having the automatic opening and closing function. When detecting the driver’s appropriate operation and action, the sensor on the rear bumper will search for the comfort key. Once the key is detected, the trunk lid will be opened automatically. The electric trunk lid can more facilitate the loading of items and enhance the ease of use in the travel.



The all new MMI® multimedia interactive system of Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with a well-designed collapsible 8-inch color display and can identify multilingual texts and numbers and offer feedbacks via voice. The touch-sensitive control panel can easily input letters and numbers and can enter navigation with a simple finger operation. Buttons are reasonably arranged and easy to operate, so that occupants can easily enjoy a variety of car-mounted entertainment and navigation functions without distracting their attention from traffic conditions.

Comfortable seats


Audi A6 hybrid can be optionally installed with comfortable seats to provide the maximum comfort for the occupants. The active ventilation and heating function provides a comfortable environment for seats, ensuring you a delighted long trip. With 10 adjustable air cushions and 5 preset programs, you can set a personalized massage function. Rear seats can be foldable, so you can experience a relaxed and comfortable fun of riding.