Extreme simplicity, unprecedented enjoyment.

The Audi’s A6L's unique balance of comfort and technology enables you to drive elegantly, delivering an exhilarating driving experience without parallel. We firmly believe that only through supreme attention to detail can we make you feel comfortable.

Extended Wheelbase Highlighting a Sleek and Exquisite Body


With a sleek body and wheelbase 67mm longer than previous models (up to 3012mm), the Audi A6L traverses traditional segments and offers the raw thrills of driving alongside the classic, refined comfort you expect from a luxury vehicle.

Improved Panoramic Glass Roof


Drive with your head in the clouds, with the Audi A6L super-large panoramic glass roof. Opening the front-screen and sunblind creates an airy driving environment, also allowing more light into the cabin for a brighter and clearer drive. As the glass roof is fully opened, a wind-spoiler extends to reduce wind noise and air-flow inside the car. Two independent subblinds can be activated to give shade from the sun if necessary as you continue to cruise in style.

Rear Center Armrest


A foldable rear centre armrest provides both storage compartment and MMI® controller functions, and handiily stows away between the rear seats. It allows quick and easy control to your entertainment devices, with a maximum of comfort.

Rear Ventilated Massage Seats


In the Audi A6L, even the rear seats are forward-looking. With high-profile, ventilated seats and an integrated massage capability, the seats offer incredible comfort for passengers. Plus, an easy-to-use center console offers access to entertainment as well as 18 independently customizable position adjusters (with a memory, so it remembers your unique settings). The massage function massages the shoulders and waist via three modes: wave, pulse and extension, which allows occupants to enjoy the kind of comfort usually associated with the spa, on the road.

Four-Zone Automatic Climate Control

The Audi A6L’s four-zone automatic climate control provides personalized temperature control to make every journey leisurely and comfortable. Both temperature and air flow can be adjusted for four zones respectively to ensure that every occupant enjoys their perfect ambient settings. Sensitive temperature and humidity sensors adapt conditions inside the cabin to deliver the best interior experience, and an optimized temperature control system reduces energy consumption.

Adaptive Cruise Control System with Start-stop Function

Audi's revolutionary adaptive cruise control system integrates with the Start-Stop function (including the earlier version of Audi Pre Sense) to drive according to a preset speed and maintain a constant distance from the vehicle in front. Meanwhile, the start-stop function also allows the vehicle to automatically adjust its braking and take-off in the event of traffic congestion, greatly improving driving comfort and safety while reducing fatigue.

Automatic Park Assist Displaying Surroundings

Audi's Automatic Park Assistant finds suitable parking spaces using ultrasonic sensors, calculating the ideal entry position and direction to help drivers negotiate tight spaces. It can take over the parking process and stop the car in tight spaces, or even on a corner. As the car steers, the driver operates the accelerator and brake, with constant alerts and warnings coming from the active sensors regarding nearby objects or barriers, removing any potential hazards or worries associated with parking in tight spaces.