ControlDefy convention with the ultimate driving experience.

For too long, your vehicle has been an indifferent machine, distant and unresponsive. The Audi A6L is your partner on the road, working in harmony with the driver to master each twist and turn in confidence and style. All you need to worry about is how to appreciate the pinnacle of car design.

Short Front Overhang


The front axle of the extended wheelbase Audi A6L moves forwards and optimizes the axle load distribution. This delivers a more precise steering experience along with more agile driving, not only delivering extraordinary handling, but perfecting the lines of the entire body.

Audi Drive Select


Driving dynamics means different things to different people, but we believe strongly in one principle: drive from your heart. Now, with just one touch, you can adjust the fundamental characteristics of your driving experience to suit your mood. Introducing the Audi Drive SelectAudi drive selectMastery of driving dynamics: Audi drive select integrates the technical components that determine the quality of the driving experience.Audi drive select .
There are up to five driving modes available: comfort, sporty, automatic, efficient and Personalized. Personalized mode allows you to customize the functional settings of your driving experience; comfort mode delivers the most agreeable driving experience for long journeys; sporty mode is the preferred choice when inspiration calls on those quiet country roads; automatic mode presents a balance between driving experience and comfort. Naturally if fuel economy and eco-driving is your priority, the efficient mode reduces the engine’s fuel consumption and emissions through an advanced gearshift mechanism and optimized operation.
Optional drive select adjusts the characteristics of the engine, transmission and steering system toy our preference. It also gives you control over other systems such as the adaptive air suspensionadaptive air suspensionAudi adaptive air suspension successfully unites the apparently conflicting qualities of comfort and dynamic handling.adaptive air suspension , damping system, reversible belt pre-tensioners (integral to standard version of Audi Pre Sense system) and corner lights. The engine and transmission may respond to changes in throttle position differently depending on driving mode – either more direct and quick or more well-balanced. Meanwhile, the gearshift conditions vary depending on the driving mode: the gears shift-up at higher engine speeds under sporty mode, but at low engine speeds in comfortable mode. The steering system also adjusts accordingly based on different driving conditions, from sporty, stable to comfortable. Sporty mode increases the marginal value to trigger the reversible belt pre-tensioners. The vehicle height and damping system will also change when equipped with air suspension. Furthermore, corner lights will adjust their rotation sensitivity as different driving modes change.

S tronic


The 7-speed S-tronic ensures lightning-fast gearshifts the driver will barely notice, with zero power loss and superb energy efficiency. The modern S-tronic technology completes gear changes in exceptionally short times, leaving you more in control, more of the time. A large clutch transfers torque to odd-numbered gears via a solid shaft, while a second clutch delivers torque to even gears via a hollow shaft. Both clutches function simultaneously, but only one clutch is ever connected to the engine at any one time. To give an example, when the driver accelerates in the third gear, the second clutch has already prepared fourth to be engaged. Once it reaches the shift point, as one clutch is open, the other is simultaneously closed – gear changes take mere milliseconds with no visible loss of power or momentum. The result? Gears can be changed up or down so smoothly that you'll struggle to notice them and the entire process is extremely precise and smooth whether you're using the automatic gearshift or optional paddle shifters. Besides its sporty style, the S-tronic significantly reduces both fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

quattro® Permanent All-wheel Drive


quattro®quattro®Vorsprung durch Technik: quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles.quattro® permanent all-wheel drive transfers the engine power between the left and right rear wheels, continuously adjusting as the car works through a corner to ensure maximum flexibility, response and handling. quattro® is a kind of permanent all-wheel drive system – as soon as a single wheel on a drive shaft loses its grip, it will slip and the power will be transferred to another drive shaft through the center differential. Benefiting from this superb system, traction delivered to the front and rear axles is 40:60 as standard, i.e. 40% to the front and 60% to the rear axle. It will noticeably deliver more traction when accelerating while improving the safety and offering remarkable grip. The most unique feature of the quattro® system is in the driving experience. “It's like the car is glued to the road,” seems to be the consensus from drivers. Above all, quattro® permanent all-wheel drive provides you with a smooth drive and the safety you demand.