Follow your heart, wherever it takes you

The Audi A6L has accounted for every sensory experience from its inception through to design and production, with one simple goal in mind – the perfect driving experience.



We adhere to the principle of Vorsprung durch Technic in every area. MMI® is a good example. The single system operates the on-board multimedia functions, navigation system and other comfort controls through minimal and simple buttons that offer an intuitive interface. Less simply is more.
Media controls for selecting channels, controlling music and adjusting the volume are arranged logically, with six other buttons for telephone, navigation and other systems placed around the central button to facilitate operation.
New: The screen displays information in a carousel, presenting a more intuitive and easier to operate interface.
The MMI® navigation has one special trick up its sleeve: a unique touch screen. The touch pad is arranged to the left of the MMI® center console, easily and conveniently operated with a newly designed operating knob. The touch screen provides an intelligent navigation method when entering Chinese characters or numbers, by repeating your input with voice prompts. Tracks in your music library can also be viewed through the touch pad.

Rear Seat Entertainment System


The rear seat entertainment system offers two 10.2” LCD displays in the front seat headrests, compatible with multiple media formats and deliver unrivaled traveling comfort.

Bose Sound System

A new dimension in listening pleasure: the BOSE Sound System has been especially developed for the acoustic environment in the vehicle interior. It offers a magnificent sound experience. On all seats.

7” High-definition Color Display

A 7” high-definition color display is placed within your direct field of vision, displaying all the information you need easily at hand for safer and easier driving – everything you need, at a glance.

Audi Music Interface

Audi A6L can be connected to the fourth generation or later versions of iPod, iPhone (music), USB, MP3 players. Located in the center console, the players can be operated via MMI® or the multifunctional leather steering wheel but need to be equipped with a special connection cable (the genuine cable is brought together with Audi). The Audi music interface does not need any additional AUX-IN interfaces. And for the information about compatibility with other MP3 players please contact your local FAW – VW Audi dealers.