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Our Vorsprung durch Technic philosophy extends beyond power, performance and efficiency. We continue to expand the safety of your vehicle, relentlessly seeking new ways to protect you and passengers.

Audi Active Lane Assist


Every technology of Audi guarantees your safety better. The Audi active lane assist enables A6L to realize lane keeping. When the car runs within the system limit of 60-250km/h, the Audi active lane assist can help the driver keep in the lane. If the system is activated/ready and the driver has not operated the indicators, the Audi active lane assist will guide the vehicle within recognized lane boundary lines by means of gentle, corrective steering intervention; the driver can choose whether he would like to be monitored continuously or just shortly before crossing the traffic lane marker; additional steering vibration can be adjusted if the driver wishes. With the Audi active lane assist, you’ll feel at ease and safer during a high-speed journey.

Adaptive light


Consisting of dynamic cornering light and static cornering light; the dynamic cornering light infers the course of the road from the movement of the steering wheel and variably illuminates the corner or bend by pivoting the xenon headlights. The static turning light automatically switches on if the indicators have between engaged for a while at a low vehicle speed and illuminates the new direction in which the vehicle is travelling. The headlights also have 3 different light distribution modes which are activated depending on the vehicle speed: town light, motorway light and country light.

Night Vision Assistant


The human eye is an exceptional sensing organ, and yet in the glare of oncoming headlights or low-light, it's all too easy to miss an obstacle or pedestrian in your path. The Night Vision Assistant uses infrared cameras to monitor an area 15 - 90 meters from the front of the car. If a pedestrian is detected, it will immediately locate and highlight them in yellow light. If the system determines that a collision risk exists, the pedestrian will be highlighted in red and a warning sound will be issued. You can open or close the night vision assistant via a button on the headlight switch and set the pedestrian sign, warning signal and image contrast through the MMI® vehicle settings menu.

Head-up Display


The Head-up Display is your essential night vision assistant. It optionally projects a clear, full-color image onto the inner windscreen, overlayed directly within the driver’s field of vision so you can concentrate on driving, whilst getting all the information you need to drive safely and swiftly. You can customize the display contents via the menu; current speed, navigation information and Audi driver assistance can all be displayed. Additionally, danger warning signals can be displayed, helping you reach your destination in maximum safety.

Audi Pre Sense

The Audi A6L features many innovative technologies, including a unique function – sixth sense (or what we call Audi Pre Sense). The vehicle systems work with each other to assess current driving conditions and make interventions when necessary to protect the occupants and reduce the risk of collision.
Radar sensors detect the areas in front and behind the car, while a camera installed in the interior rear view mirror (the top of the cabin) monitors the area in front of the car at 25 frames per second. In addition, an ESP control module also transmits essential braking data. Armed with this information, Audi Pre Sense constantly monitors road conditions around the vehicle.
The standard version of Audi Pre Sense contains many preventive protection systems for occupants in case of emergencies, e.g. pre-tensioning seat belts, opening warning lights, and closing glass roof and windows.
The Audi adaptive cruise control system with start-stop function is added to the standard version of Audi Pre Sense, monitoring the front of the vehicle with radar sensors at all times. Plus, Audi Brake Assist not only warns the driver of any impending accidents, but further increases braking force if necessary. In the event of an emergency, Audi preventive protection systems are automatically activated to respond quickly and ensure your safety.

Audi Side Assist, including Audi Pre Sense Plus

Audi Lane Change Assist helps you safely change lanes at speeds between 30-250km/h. Indicator lights are integrated into the exterior mirror housings on both sides, and the system employs two radar sensors to detect other vehicles behind and the relative speed difference. If other vehicles are too close, or approaching too quickly, the external indicator lights will flash to attract the driver's attention. Building upon the basic module, the rear module of Audi Pre Sense detects any imminent rear collisions using the Audi side assist radar sensors. If the vehicle is equipped with Audi adaptive cruise control with start-stop function, the system will include the enhanced module of Audi Pre Sense, and will activate the brake intervention function based on the earlier version of Audi Pre Sense. However, if a collision cannot be avoided, the system will apply full braking force to reduce the damage caused by the collision.