Exterior Design

Technology that stirs your passions

A lightweight body designed with precision and elegance in mind, the Audi A6L's sublime appearance masks a roaring engine whose sound demands attention. Each curve and contour represents the pinnacle of the A6 experience – overwhelming beauty and harnessed power.

All-LED Headlights


The all-LED headlights have been purposefully designed to flow with the shape of the body, and yet are immediately recognisable and resplendent. The all-LED beams guide you safely through the dark nights using light-technology which emulates daylight, while LED lamps help the low-beam, full-beam, sidelights, brake lights and indicators reduce light flare and shine clearly in wet and foggy conditions. The LED taillights also offer superior performance, significantly improving your safety while breaking. Anytime, in any weather, you can be sure that the Audi A6L's advanced light technology will make your drive as safe and pleasant as possible.

Single-frame Grille


The all-new single-frame radiator grille is matched with high gloss horizontal chrome fins and readily set off at a touch with superb surging acceleration.

Unique Mid-ship Design


The purposeful poise of the car is accentuated by lines rising from the headlights extending to the rear of the car, suggesting a light and stable stance.


Striking 18” Cast Aluminium Wheel


The 5-spoke V-shaped 18’’cast aluminium wheels are both striking and solid, taut and ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.