Audi S6


Its gorgeous appearance exudes a ceaseless sporty feel, and its intrinsic elegant decoration interprets an exclusive, noble privilege. It runs forward elegantly with a sporty and comfortable feel, and is happy with an extremely fast speed. With its sporty beauty, everyone will fall in love with Audi S6 at the first sight.

Fashionable exterior design can hardly conceal an extraordinary dynamic heart


The elegant lines and delicate outline of Audi S6 highlight an extraordinary sport and fashionable feeling. The model inherits the Audi family’s front face design. Its dual chroming bar-featured intake grille is embedded with Audi’s iconic S badge, looking very striking.

Audi S6’s sill trim strips have the same color with its body. The iconic Aluminum exterior mirror housings are an apparent decoration of the body’s side molding. The front fender is decorated with the V8T logo. The trunk lid and the one-piece grille are decorated with the S6 logo. The high light kit around the side window is the bright spot of the whole car. In the rear, the diffuser blades integrate the aluminum look and the platinum gray element. The exhaust system is located in the left and right sides of the rear, respectively, and slightly oval-shaped exhaust tailpipes with trim in high-gloss look underline a strong sport feel. The taillight makes use of the full LED technology and is composed of 90 light-emitting diodes, and the whole taillight design looks three-dimensional, transparent, bright and delicate. The 19-inch 5-double-spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels look forceful and magnificent. Even though they stay still, the wheels also give forth an extraordinary momentum with full of force.

Uncompromising high-quality interior


The interior of Audi S6 carries forward the uncompromisingly high quality of the Audi brand: delicate surface paint, a rich interior suite, convenient manipulation as well as a high-grade design existing in every detail throughout the car. The multifunctional steering wheel is embedded with Audi’s iconic S badge, and the beautiful aluminum shift paddles sutured with colored lines all imply the powerful internal momentum anywhere. The combination dashboard is embedded with Audi S6’s exclusive logo, and the colored DIS welcome screen looks very eye-catching. The MMI ® multimedia interactive system is installed with Audi S6’s exclusive welcome screen, carbon fiber trims and the “Start-Stop” button with a red circle, etc. What is particularly worth mentioning is that the brand-new Audi S6 exhibits a type of innovative interior material called "aluminum / Beaufort wood” for the first time. This type of material is a mixture of aluminum alloy and wood. It is made through an extremely complicated and precise processing technology, providing the occupants an unprecedented visual and tactile enjoyment.

Audi utilizes advanced technology to achieve the perfect combination of low power consumption and high efficiency. The "Vorsprung durch Technik" philosophy is not only embodied in power, performance and efficiency. Audi has always been unremittingly searching for new ways to provide the driver a better driving experience.

“Cylinder on demand” system


The all new 4.0 TFSI® engine which Audi S6 is equipped with uses the “cylinder on demand” system, which is a breakthrough technology. The driver can learn the current operating mode of the cylinder through the driver information system (DIS) in the dashboard and the green histogram on the instantaneous fuel consumption indicator. The “cylinder on demand” system is ready to work at any time. Even when the transmission is placed at Gear S or the Audi driving mode is set as the “run” mode, as long as the driver maintains a moderate speed to drive on the road such as a freeway, the system can always ensure the optimal performance. When the speed is 100 km/h, the system is able to reduce the fuel consumption by more than 10%. According to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) standard, the system can save fuel by at least about 5%. Coupled with the Start-Stop system, Audi S6 can save up to 20% of the fuel consumption while driving comfortably.

4.0 TFSI® turbocharged engine with direct fuel injuection


Audi S6 is equipped with a powerful all-new Audi 4.0-liter V8 TFSI® tV8 cylinder turbocharged engine with direct fuel injuection, having a power output of up to 309 kW (420 PS). It uses the all new “cylinder on demand" technology, having an average fuel consumption of only 9.6 liters per 100 km. As a high-end C-class sports saloon with amazing performance, Audi S6 takes just 4.6 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h. While significantly improving its driving performance, it also gives a new definition for "dynamic".

The Start-Stop system


Audi S6 is equipped with the Start-Stop system. The system can automatically turn off the engine while the car is in a pause, like waiting for a red light, so it can avoid unnecessary energy consumption. When the driver releases the brake pedal, the system can quietly and quickly start the engine and let the car continue to move forward. The whole process is very smooth. Without the driver’s awareness, the system can save up to 5% of fuel consumption, achieving low fuel consumption and low emissions. In addition, the system can be shut down by one key at any time.

The dynamic steering system


The Audi dynamic steering system is a standard configuration of the all new Audi S6. It can change the steering gear ratio according to the car’s running speed. When the car runs straight, the system does not consume any energy and can reduce fuel consumption by about 0.3 liters / 100 km. Combined with the expanded ESP system, it can play a bigger role in making the dynamic steering keep active and stable. When the car runs at a high speed, with the help of the indirect steering gear, the Audi dynamic steering system can make the car manipulate more steadily and keep a better straight-line driving stability. On the contrary, when the car runs at a low or middle speed on tortuous roads, the system uses the more direct steering gear to improve the car's steering precision and sensitivity. For parking, the steering system makes the parking operation more easily.

7-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission


Audi S6 is equipped with a 7-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission. It has a broad range of reduction ratio and can not only achieve dynamic acceleration in low gear but also have equally impressive acceleration performance in the case of a high speed of the vehicle but a low speed of revolution. The shifting process is extremely smooth, dynamic and almost imperceptible, and the whole process takes only less than a hundredth of a second.

In the fully automatic mode, the 7-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission offers the two gear modes: Gear D and Gear S. The driver can shift gears through shift paddles or the shift lever on the steering wheel. In the manual mode, the transmission has a prominent sport performance, which matches the innate sport personality of Audi S6.

quattro® all-wheel drive system


"Even when running at high speed, the car is also like being firmly glued to the road." Audi quattro® can provide you a greater grip to improve safety performance. The main component of the Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system is the self-locking center differential. In normal driving conditions, the mechanical planetary gear allocates 40% and 60% of the driving torque to the front and rear axles, respectively. If the wheels slip, the differential will take the initiative to lead the engine’s power to the axle which has better traction performance. Combined with the torque, the self-locking center differential can more easily allocate up to 70% and 85% of propulsion power to the front and rear wheels, respectively. While providing the vehicle the maximum traction, it ensures flexibility and brings the driver a dynamic, precise and controlled driving experience. The Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system can easily deal with a variety of road conditions and turn very dangerous road conditions into a trip with full of fun.

The quattro® system of the all new Audi S6 is also equipped with another high-performance component - the sport differential, which can allocate the driving force between the rear axle and wheels in a continuous, variable manner. It can prevent oversteer or understeer arising from fast turning in the bud. Due to its fast response, the sport differential can intervene and play a role even faster than the electronic stability control system (ESC). Regardless of whether or not there is a power input, each intervention of the system is very effective. The system is controlled by the Audi driving mode option.

The " Vorsprung durch Technik" philosophy of the Audi brand makes the "heart" of the brand contain the most cutting-edge technology. At every level, the Audi brand has an in-depth understanding of the needs of drivers and uses wisdom and core technology to bring more outstanding driving experience for them.

Audi ultra


The Audi ultra leads the future of the lightweight car structure. Audi S6 inherits t light-weight car body manufacturing philosophy. About 20% of the parts in the car body are made of aluminum, which makes the weight of the car body reduced by 15% when compared with similar steel car body. The aluminum hybrid structure covers all parts and is optimized in many areas, so that the car has greater flexibility, more fun to drive, more comfort and higher efficiency.

The body of the Audi S6 has excellent static and dynamic torsional strength, and lighter, higher-strength materials can protect the occupants better and at the same time reduce the consumption of fuel and energy to a greater extent.

Audi adaptive cruise control with the Stop-Go function


Audi S6 is equipped with adaptive cruise control with the Stop-Go function. It has the advanced speed and distance control and using sensors (double radar and camera), a generally constant distance from the vehicle ahead is maintained. At the same time, the Stop-Go feature allows the vehicle to be able to automatically adjust its brake and start. In the long-distance travel or city traffic, especially in case of traffic jams, it can provide humane helps to the driver. When the vehicle in front has an emergency, the system will automatically brake until the vehicle stops, providing a more active safety for the driver so that the driving is secure.

Park assist with 360° display


Park assist with 360° display can help Audi S6 find a vertical or horizontal parking space by means of ultrasonic sensors. and calculate the ideal path to move into and out of the parking space. Even in narrow and curved places, as long as the driver need only accelerate and apply the brakes, the smart parking system can finish the parking automatically. When the car leaves the parking space, the system can also play a supporting role, making the manipulation of the whole parking process easy and pleasant.

Every type of comfort that you experience is the creation and embodiment of wisdom. A number of comfort configurations of Audi S6 bring you an unprecedented noble feel. From details, it lets you really feel intimate comfort.

Comfort key


Within a range of 1.5 meters from the car, when the driver holds the comfort key toward the car door handle, the proximity sensor in the door and the RF pulse generator in the key can immediately identify the key. When the driver pulls the door handle, the car can automatically unlock the door. Even lying in the driver's pocket, this smart key can unlock the door and start the car. In addition, the car trunk is equipped with the same pocket sensor function to meet the driver’s need for convenience in travel. All you need to do to start the car's engine is to get on the car and gently press the “Open / Stop” button on the center console.

MMI® multimedia interactive system


In the aspect of information and entertainment features, Audi S6 achieves the most advanced performance of the same kind, letting technology interlinked with the driver’s heart and hands. The all new enhanced version of MMI® navigation system is equipped with an electrically retractable 8-inch LCD monitor, 60G hard drive, DVD drive and voice input system and can be described as a multimedia system with ultra-high performance. With this unique touch, independent handwriting input panel, when you use a finger to "write" letters or numbers on the touch-sensitive area, you can get the information demanded. It has a reasonable layout of keys and buttons, making it easier to operate, so that occupants can easily control the on-board entertainment and navigation functions and learn them at a glance.

BOSE surround sound system


The BOSE sound system is tailored for Audi S6’s inner acoustic environment. All seats can access to a forceful and magnificent sound experience. The BOSE sound system places several speakers at the best positions in the car, bringing the driver and passengers an all new listening experience. The central speaker is placed on the instrument panel, giving the driver and passengers a consistent sound experience. All occupants can enjoy a natural, clear sound, like sitting at a professional concert hall to listen to a wonderful live play.