Everything where it should be

The A7 Sportback cabin puts some luxury cars to shame with its level of refinement and superb finish. And, as you would expect from Audi, the instrumentation is the embodiment of clarity. Thanks to the cockpit’s ergonomics, your hand falls naturally to the control you need. It all helps to create an instinctive, intuitive and satisfying driving experience.

Head-up display


Head-up display, speed, navigation information, ACC, Night vision assistant, some red colornotice signal about car status could be display.



The Audi A7 Sportback’s extensive range of seat versions, upholstery and options make a clear statement about the quality of this exceptional car.
The standard front seats are by no means ‘standard’, being trimmed in Milano leather upholstery, electrically adjustable 8-ways, heated and featuring a memory function for the driver. The driver’s memory function also stores the door mirror and steering wheel settings.
Seating options include a raft of comfort orientated options, such as a massage function or seat ventilation.

Parking systems, easy parking


The Acoustic Parking System, with its eight ultrasonic sensors, provides all-round assistance when parking the A7 Sportback. As soon as the distance to an obstacle at the front, rear or side is down to a preset minimum, you are warned of the fact by a tone signal, as well as a graphical indication on the MMI Screen. The closer you get to an obstacle, the faster the tones sound until you’re less than 25cm away, when the tone becomes continuous. The system is only activated when reverse gear is engaged.
The sensors, four at the front, four at the back, are barely visible. They’ve been flush mounted into the bumpers so they don’t interfere with the Audi A7 Sportback’s immaculate lines.
The optional Parking System Advanced adds to this a small camera in the boot lid, providing a 130° view to the rear, displayed on the Multi Media Interface screen. The image is overlaid with coloured graphics and shows the path the vehicle will take based on the position of the steering wheel. With blind spots minimised, the driver is able to park effortlessly in even the tightest of parking spots.

4-zone automatic air conditioning


The optional four-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning maintains the preferred climate individually for all occupants of the Audi A7 Sportback. The air distribution, temperature setting and blower speed can also be set individually for the left and right side at both the front and rear.

Heated 3-spoke leather steering wheel with shift paddles


Inspiration even flashes at details. The heated leather steering wheel provides close protection to your driving. While driving, you can easily complete the shift through the shift paddles. This increases the driving safety to some extent. Moreover, the heating function of the steering wheel can even add a comfortable experience to your driving.

Advanced Key

With this advanced keyless entry system, your vehicle can be locked, unlocked and started without removing the key from a pocket or purse. When the key is present, doors can be unlocked, the steering wheel can be released and the vehicle can be turned on without inserting the key into the ignition.

Excellent compartment quietness

Thanks to the smooth body design, the basic version of Audi A7 Sportback has a Coefficient of drag (Cd) of only 0.29, providing a good foundation to build a low-noise driving environment. Audi also adds a layer of special sound insulation film on the windshield and side window glass of A7 Sportback and strengthens the sealing of the frameless doors, making the compartment quietness of A7 Sportback obviously better than that of similar models.