quattro®,Grip, whatever the weather


quattro® is Audi’s renowned four-wheel-drive technology. With quattro®, optimal drive delivery to each wheel is managed automatically and continuously, for superior handling and phenomenal grip – even in less than perfect driving conditions.
In 1980, the Audi quattro® was the first permanent four-wheel drive production car. So while the technology is thoroughly tried and tested, it has also been enhanced and evolved ever since it was first introduced.
The latest version of quattro®, found in the Audi A7 Sportback typically sends 60 percent of its power to the rear axle and 40 to the front – delivering a sporty driving experience. As road conditions demand a maximum of 80 percent can be sent to the rear axel and 60 percent to the front. All of which ensures complete stability and traction whatever the situation.

S tronic


The revolutionary S tronic transmission combines the responsiveness of a manual gearbox with the convenience of an automatic. Thanks to innovative dual-clutch technology, S tronic can make a gear change in just 0.2 of a second, with no interruption to the power flow, allowing you to benefit as fully as possible from the engine’s output at all times, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Short suspension with more flexible handling


Short suspension makes the bodywork proportionately sportier, bringing exceptional handling experience to you to make its operations more flexible and enhancing the elegant exterior of the entire bodywork.

Responsive Suspension

Superior handling is also a product of a dedication to the finest and most applicable materials. By using lightweight aluminum suspension components, unsprung weight is reduced, allowing the suspension to respond more rapidly.
Handling is further enhanced by the vehicle’s front suspension design. Audi engineers moved the front axle forward to improve agility, ensuring premier handling for every road, every corner and every situation. For the driver looking for sportier handling, the available Sports Package offers a firmer, lower suspension as well as sport seats and high performance tires for more assertive driving.

Aluminum Suspension

With the finely tuned front suspension components secured to the subframe, the five-link front suspension increases ride quality by isolating road harshness and vibration from the cabin. The use of weight-saving aluminum for critical components helps reduce unsprung mass at each wheel, allowing the suspension to respond more rapidly. The net effect is a driving experience that is extremely responsive, smooth and predictable. It is handling that has become an Audi hallmark.

Dynamic steering system

Audi A7 is equipped with the dynamic steering system. It can change the steering transmission ratio according to the speed and regulate the steering torque to match the transmission ratio, ensuring more accurate steering response and more immediate road feedback. At high speeds, the Audi dynamic steering system adopts indirect steering transmission, so that the vehicle control is steadier, and keeps a better linear running stability. On the contrary, if the vehicle runs on roads with curves at medium and low speeds, the system uses a more direct steering ratio to improve the steering accuracy and agility. During parking, the steering system adopts a direct steering ratio, which makes parking easy. The dynamic steering function is only used with Audi drive select.